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Age. 39
Gender. Female
Ethnicity. French & Irish Catholic
Location Newmarket, Canada, Canada
School. Seneca College
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My Candybar Doll
No particular subject...
Wednesday. 7.3.13 6:27 pm
I can't wait to see my bf on Friday. We are going to C.W. Coops for supper... and then on Saturday we are taking Angie out to McDs so.. I have a very full weekend. :)


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No particular subject...
Tuesday. 7.2.13 5:21 pm
watching: The First 48
mood: okay

My day was so-so. My sister had a good birthday. She's helping me type this as I'm tired and need to rest. :) I see Brian on Friday and the weekend coming up. My sister and I are ordering panzerottis on Friday. She likes double cheese and bacon while I like bacon and/or Italian sausage.. I don't order sausage much though.


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Happy Birthday sis!
Tuesday. 7.2.13 8:02 am
She is 39 today. Tomorrow I see the sz nurses... I have to get an appt with Dr. Brennagh when I go tomorrow. I feel sedated...


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Monday. 7.1.13 9:36 pm
I just rediscovered this site. Wow. :) I feel kind of bad about abandoning this site. I spent the long weekend with my boyfriend. We just hung out and we had Sam over on Friday. :)

I will post later.

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The Nutangian Challenge: 100 facts about me!
Friday. 11.23.12 6:25 pm
1. An aspie
2. Fear of dogs
3. Teachers daughter
4. 5'5 and loving it :)
5. Loves her bf Brian ♥
6. Born in Canada
7. Been to Boston and looked up Feeney's in the phonebook (there was lots)
8. Likes to watch scary movies
9. Doesn't like mean ppl
10. Draws
11. Paints
12. Singer
13. Listens to every type of music other than country, or hardcore rap
14. Brian is my one true love
15. Is right handed
16. Likes Mexican food
17. One of the most nicest people you will ever meet
18. Still can't skate
19. Brown eyed beauty
20. Likes French Cross wines
21. Hates drama
22. Has a bad case of OCD
23. Gets tanned super easily, but hardly sunburned
24. Loves her sister
25. Hates John
26. Loves Brian
27. Went to college in the late 90s.
28. Natural beauty
29. Likes to answer random surveys when she's bored
30. Likes watching Supernatural
31. Loves going to the movies
32. Hates being dirty
33. Irish + French ancestry
34. Eats sweets and soda too much
35. Loves junk food
36. Can be smart when she tries
37. Can be stupid
38. Can be lazy
39. Has been through one too many heartbreaks in a lifetime
40. Sensitive
41. Favorite year in high school was senior year
42. Gets jealous easily
43. Likes Chef Boyardee
44. Finds the inside of the human body disgusting rather than fascinating
45. Devout Catholic
46. Favorite type of music is pop & rock
47. Proud brunette
48. Loves Harry Potter
49. Loves simming
50. NEVER talks behind other peoples back or listens to gossip
51. Craving chocolate at the moment
52. Can be afraid of the dark
53. Has a pet peeve about being disrespected
54. Has lived in the same house since 2001
55. Doesn't own a car
56. Procrastinator
57. Can be nosy
58. Loves going out with her friends
59. Wants to marry her bf but not now.
60. Went to DisneyWorld & Universal Studios, Orlando when brother was 2
61. Will never get tired of Disneyland
62. Regrets only one thing in life
63. Sucker for love stories
64. Can be the most naive person ever
65. Second born
66. Has high standards for guys she'd like to date
67. Believes in second chances
68. Believes in giving chances
69. Is an aunt to Kate and Ben
70. Happy
71. Can be a hater
72. Honest and straightforward
73. Considerate of others feelings
74. Loves the idea of beauty
75. Can be easily influenced
76. Not afraid to show my flaws
77. Can be afraid to show my flaws
78. Tries her best to be her best
79. Can care about what other people think
80. Can be forgetful
81. Can have great memory
82. Afraid of the future
83. Excited for the future
84. Loves to impress
85. A bit shy
86. Only shy around strangers
87. Self conscious
88. Insecure
89. Confident...sometimes
90. Improves a lot
91. Loves to live and learn
92. Cry baby
93. Don't think she will be a good driver
94. Wishes she could be prettier
95. Appreciates the way she looks
96. Indecisive
97. Going to her brother's wedding next year
98. Dream is to be rich and famous as an DJ
99. Very talented
100. Thought this challenge was difficult

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Coming soon.. Daddy's Girl returns! :D
Friday. 11.23.12 6:11 pm
I'm not quite ready yet. Go read my letter to my cat. :)

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